Artist Statement

Suzanne Siminger

Suzanne Siminger

Painting has always been a passion of mine and the slow migration toward landscape has become a constant source of inspiration and challenge for me. Like the Hudson River School’s reverence for the beauty of Nature, I am awed by the power and magnificence found along the California coast and in the Southwest. There is a spirituality about it that reaffirms every day the worth of the struggle of creating, ever pushing the boundaries; the vision always ahead of the hand’s ability.

The importance of preserving the pristine beauty of our Earth is becoming an ever increasing hot issue in our lives. I believe that landscape painting, far from being an old fashioned subject that it is sometimes made out to be, is in the vanguard of artistic social responsibility.

Through an interest in astronomy and cosmology I have gained understanding of the unimaginably immense distances of space, the sheer size of galaxies, the temperatures at which stars burn and the raw energy which makes up our universe. Suddenly I am much more appreciative of our little blue planet. So far, astronomers have found nothing even remotely like Earth. The circumstances for which allowed it to evolve were so specialized that one wonders if it was indeed a miracle. This is a pretty special place, one worth caring for and appreciating its beauty. It’s all we have.

With that in mind, and that the role of an artist is a visionary, a truth teller and weather vane, helping others become aware of the beauty of our environment is key to my love of painting the landscape.